Are You a Gig-Tripper or a Set-Jetter?

In the latest wave of travel trends, “gig-tripping” and “set-jetting” are having an impact. Fans can merge travel with their love of entertainment for music and film. Of course, the connection between them is long established. The pull of Las Vegas, where resident artists are as much an attraction as the casinos themselves, is well known. But this latest expression is something remarkable.

Vacations with a driving purpose

Gig-trippers, inspired by artists like Taylor Swift, journey across the globe to concerts by their idols.  They turn a concert experience into an extended vacation. For instance, Taylor Swift’s fans are known to plan entire European trips around her tour dates, demonstrating the significant impact of gig-tripping on travel choices and local economies.

On the flip side, “set-jetting” caters to movie and TV show enthusiasts eager to explore film locations from their favorite films and series. Shows like “The White Lotus” and “Wednesday” have sparked a surge in travel demand. Destinations like Hawaii, Sicily, and Romania have added a new dimension. The trend highlights a growing desire among travelers to immerse themselves in the worlds of their favorite characters. So why not explore ancient ruins in Malta for “Gladiator 2,” or wander Parisian streets in the footsteps of “Emily in Paris”? Others have written very ably and in more detail about these trends –  links to two articles are below.

Cultural Immersion through Entertainment

Who would you get on a plane for to see them sing? Which movie has stuck with you for years? Both trends underscore a deeper connection between travel, music, and film, enriching the vacation experience by adding layers of cultural and entertainment value. Quite simply they add a degree of purpose that might not be found in a “traditional” site-seeing tour or beach stay.

Navigating foreign lands for these experiences leads one to practical travel considerations too. High on that list should be money. The big expenses like flights, concert tickets and accommodations are paid in advance. So might longer local excursions, especially if multiple movie locations are on the itinerary. Small spending, though, will usually require cash.

The convenience of foreign currency cash quickly becomes evident: it offers a safe and easy way to cover small expenses, from taxi rides to tips, and from bargains at the market to merchandise at concert venues. This is where services like Money 4 Travel from Essiell come into play, offering seamless and convenient solutions for obtaining travel money, thus enhancing the overall travel experience for gig-trippers and set-jetters alike.

The Practicalities of Niche Travel

As travelers continue to seek out unique experiences, thoughtful travel planning and financial management becomes increasingly important. By embracing innovative travel money solutions, banks, and credit unions can play a pivotal role in supporting these niche travel trends. By offering valuable services that cater to the needs of modern travelers, they can add significantly to a positive customer experience.

Gig-tripping and set-jetting do more than illustrate changing travel trends. They also emphasize the role of financial services in facilitating these new forms of tourism. Whether fans are chasing the magic of a live concert or the allure of a film set, the fusion of entertainment and travel is a growing influence in  vacation planning. For banks and credit unions, meeting these needs will grow loyal customers – such trends are not to be ignored.

By Declan Morton, staff writer at Money 4 Travel and Essiell Ltd


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