Digital – not just easier, but more cost-effective too

In the USA and Canada, credit unions are steadily progressing towards digitalization. This transition, aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and service scope, comes with its own set of challenges. Shifting from traditional legacy systems to modern digital infrastructures involves significant investment and potential disruption. But the overarching goal remains clear: achieve a balance where digital adoption is operationally superior and more cost-effective.

A Smarter Approach: Incremental Digital Integration:

For credit unions, the transition to digital solutions need not be all-or-nothing. Gradual adoption of digital services, often through expert third-party providers, can ease the transformation. This allows credit unions to adapt at a manageable pace, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency gains.

While some unions may opt for core digital infrastructures to replace older systems, even these won’t always include all the services needed to meet member demands, which can vary region to region. Foreign currency services are a case in point.

The real potential of foreign currency services

With increasing international travel, the demand for foreign currency exchange is more pronounced than ever. Traveling with “local” cash is easier for minor transactions,  and it provides better security in destinations where electronic payment systems are underdeveloped. Sometimes cash is essential, especially off the main tourist trails. And for convenience, travelers usually want to buy travel money before they go, or they can be persuaded to by the right offer. Doing do is should be cheaper and more convenient than buying at airport booths or in-destination.

But how to provide this “before-you-travel” service? Conventionally, members go to their branch, stand in line, and buy over the counter. It’s time consuming and unpredictable – and at odds with the convenience expected in a world where “it’s all online.” The answer lies in digital. Having an easy-to-use digital travel money service offers increased efficiencies, while also satisfying customer expectations.

A Comprehensive Digital Solution

Money 4 Travel, a service from Essiell, offers an exemplary solution tailored for credit unions. It stands out in its ability to dovetail seamlessly with their digital transformation. The service ensures:

  • Operational efficiency: Money 4 Travel enhances transactional fluidity both online and in-branch, using an integrated platform that simplifies foreign currency exchange processes.
  • Cost-effective implementation: it’s designed to integrate with existing infrastructures, reducing the need for extensive investment in new systems.
  • A stronger bottom line: by digitizing and streamlining foreign exchange services, Money 4 Travel opens new revenue streams and improves overall profitability.

For credit union members, the benefits include secure, quick, and easy access to a wide range of foreign currencies, ensuring a seamless experience from ordering to collection.

Operational Benefits: A Closer Look

Money 4 Travel addresses several key operational areas, all of which contribute to greater efficiencies and cost effectiveness.

  • Streamlined transactions simplify the process of foreign currency exchange, reducing manual intervention and speeding up transaction times.
  • Automated updates keep exchange rates and currency availability updated in real-time, ensuring accuracy and reducing errors.
  • Risk management enhances compliance and reduces the risk of fraud with secure, transparent transactions.
  • Customer satisfaction improves with a streamlined, efficient service for a better overall customer experience, fostering loyalty and repeat business.

A Strategic Digital Asset

Money 4 Travel emerges as more than a great service offering. It’s a strategic asset for credit unions in the digital age. It encapsulates the essence of digital transformation – efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced customer service. It’s an ideal choice for credit unions aiming to modernize their foreign currency exchange services while increasing internal efficiencies too.

By Declan Morton, staff writer at Essiell Ltd.

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