Essiell: harnessing tomorrow’s tech for use today

The future of Fintech lies in purposeful digitization. Only digital infrastructure has the flexibility to quickly increase capacity to meet demand. Only digital systems can cope effectively with fast-changing compliance regulations.

This is especially true in banking. Side stepping concerns around legacy systems, digital can enable the creation of seamless ecosystems designed for customer convenience and efficient delivery. Tailored services means customer retention morphs more easily into brand loyalty.

Customers expect convenient and seamless banking services

Publishing in EnterpriseAppsToday*, Prudour Private Limited analyse research from . They highlight the value of the banking software market, projected to reach USD 65.5 Billion by 2032. Much of this is derived from the growth of digital solutions which “help banks operate more efficiently, securely, and profitably.” Likewise, digital also needs to deliver “better customer service, higher productivity, and [meet] compliance requirements.”

It’s a small step to realizing that the route to success is via customer satisfaction, married to operational efficiency. This has been at the heart of Essiell’s development from the beginning.

Essiell – transformational digital solutions

As a small company, Essiell has grown from a niche software house to providing enterprise-scale digital services. As an experienced team we remain small. We’re agile and imaginative, creating practical digital solutions to render each business process, and each customer journey easy and seamless.

Designing our services around the customer also means ensuring the supplier benefits from streamlined functionality too. In fact, operating in north America, South America, and Europe, we find ourselves already doing much of what Prudour Private Limited describe as the preferred model of digital development.

Peace of mind, digitally

We’re strong advocates of cloud-based software solutions. They deliver flexibility, scalability, and cost effectiveness. Early on, we recognised the power of mobile apps and their convenience for the consumer. They’re an integral part of the banking system, so our services can be embedded in mobile apps as easily as in websites and point-of-sale systems.

Security and regulatory compliance underpin everything we do. Our clients can be confident that using our software helps them maintain best practice, including meeting the needs of GDPR and PSD2.

Essiell – delivering solutions for the future

We provide innovative third party solutions that help financial service providers generate maximum benefit from both new and existing customers. Meanwhile, we actively seek opportunities to simplify and improve financial transactions wherever we are involved.

At Essiell, we relish each new day, a new day in the digital world where we’re already delivering the future.

* EnterpriseAppsToday: Banking Software Market to Reach USD 65.5 Billion by 2032, Says Research Study (03/23/2023)

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