Five reasons not to invest in your future – or why, despite historic objections for FX, credit unions should explore the benefits of Money 4 Travel.

An open letter to credit union decision makers.

As busy professionals in the financial sector, and as key people in a credit union, your time is precious. We know every decision must be carefully considered.

We also recognize the importance of managing financial resources effectively, so that new services and migration to digital align with your organization’s goals.

Today, we address the common objections that credit union executives may have regarding foreign currency exchange. We aim to show you how Money 4 Travel can overcome these concerns, delivering unparalleled value to your institution.

Objection 1: Lack of Time

Time is a valuable commodity. That’s precisely why Money 4 Travel is important: it’s designed to save time and effort for you and your staff. Our frictionless online ordering platform makes the customer journey simpler and more convenient.

It ensures your members can conveniently place foreign currency orders anytime, anywhere, without the need for lengthy phone calls or branch visits. By leveraging technology, Money 4 Travel empowers your institution to provide exceptional service, efficiently.

Objection 2: Lack of Money

Costs are always important. And so are opportunities to add or increase revenue. Money 4 Travel responds to both. It sits easily with your existing infrastructure, including at point of sale, and requires no expensive tech upgrades. Integration costs are modest.

Money 4 Travel incurs low overheads and can provide you with a new revenue stream. By offering foreign currency exchange services, you can tap into your members’ growing demand for travel (and travel money) with a reliable and easy-to-use solution.

Money 4 Travel frees up staff time, so you can also unlock the potential for additional income from other services, with little or no additional investment.

Objection 3: Concerns about Offering Foreign Currency Exchange

It’s natural to have reservations about offering new services. However, Money 4 Travel has been designed to address the specific requirements of Credit Unions and Banks.

We provide comprehensive support, ensuring seamless integration and the implementation process is tailored to your specific needs. We have already empowered numerous financial institutions to offer foreign currency exchange with considerable success. Money 4 Travel has already shown its revenue producing capability.

Objection 4: Lack of Belief in Money 4 Travel Service or Essiell

If you’ve not met us before, we appreciate you may have reservations about engaging with a new business partner. You may wonder about the effectiveness and reliability of the Money 4 Travel service or our company, Essiell.

To address this concern, we invite you to explore the two websites for more information. We encourage you to request a demo and download an information pack.

And of course, we’d love to speak with you directly, so you can also arrange a call back with one of our team.

Objection 5: Belief that a Fully Integrated Omnichannel Solution is Unnecessary

You may believe that your institution doesn’t require a fully integrated omnichannel solution like Money 4 Travel. However, in a fast-changing and rapidly digitizing business environment, we urge you to consider the benefits it brings.

By offering a seamless customer experience across various channels, including online and in-branch, you enhance member satisfaction, boost loyalty, and increase cross-sell opportunities. Our white label setup means your branding remains consistent and cohesive, while customers benefit from better services.

We invite you to take the next step

Why not explore the immense potential of Money 4 Travel for your Credit Union?

Request a demo today and witness the transformative potential of our travel money solution. Our team is ready to answer and discuss any further questions you may have.

To find out more about Money 4 Travel, watch this video and go to .

On our website you can request a call back or demonstration, and download an information pack.

By Bjorn Larsson, CEO at Essiell Ltd, the power behind Money 4 Travel. Essiell is a leading specialist in fintech solutions for retail travel money, financial control, information technology and data security, and compliance.

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