Money 4 Travel – the ultimate foreign exchange solution

Foreign travel delivers a world of new experiences; think unforgettable journeys, exotic locations, and vibrant cultures. But there’s one area you don’t want excitement of the wrong kind – money.

Think ahead, get ahead

So, organizing foreign currency purchases before you go is a must.

Picture a perfect solution: no long queues, no complicated procedures, and no nagging doubts about your choices of supplier. Imagine being able do everything online, with scheduled collection from your local credit union branch. The whole process is easy and convenient.

If you think this is for dreams, think again. At Essiell, our Money 4 Travel foreign currency service does more than make this a promise. It’s the reality.  Using Money 4 Travel dramatically improves the customer experience and delivers multiple benefits to the credit union or bank. It’s revolutionary.

Seamless transactions from the start

Money 4 Travel’s frictionless online ordering platform enhances customer satisfaction. It can be accessed anytime and anywhere from a mobile phone, tablet, or PC. It’s easy to use and versatile – no more time-wasting phone calls or branch visits.

Once the online order is made the customer can choose a time to collect it from their chosen branch. Nothing could be simpler.

For the credit union, Money 4 Travel makes fulfillment easy.  The software sits neatly on existing infrastructure (no new hardware required!) and automatically assigns or orders the currency required for each transaction. It’s quick, convenient, and reliable. It’s efficient and cost effective, also freeing up branch staff for valuable person-to person interactions.

Money 4 Travel is ideally suited to credit unions, where value to members is a real priority. Other benefits include frictionless online ordering, leveraging of fixed assets and costs, a modernized customer experience and increased loyalty – plus a fast secure service with automated daily updates of exchange rates.

Seeing is believing

We’d love for you to see for yourself how this works; in particular, how our Money 4 Travel service can blend seamlessly into your own website, app, and points of sale.  Head to our website

We’re excited about how quickly Money 4 Travel can benefit your offering. Why not get in touch?

By Bjorn Larsson, CEO at Essiell Ltd, the power behind Money 4 Travel. Essiell is a leading specialist in fintech solutions for retail travel money, financial control, information technology & data security, and compliance.

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